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Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

psychotherapist and counsellor-
individuals and couples


Psychotherapy & Counselling

Aurora, Ontario

Sometimes we may find it almost impossible to cope with the challenges in our relationships, our work, with our children, our families or even in our own bodies. Depression and anxiety can overwhelm us, and debilitating conflicts with our partners or our children can overshadow our sense of well being. Other serious issues such as grief over the death of a loved one, alcohol and drug abuse, uncontrollable anger and violence can also be present and can have a deep, seemingly everlasting, effect on our lives.

In this complicated process of living, we develop our own unique way of being. Each of us strives for enjoyment and satisfaction in our relationships, our work and our creative endeavors using life skills we have acquired from our culture, religious orientation, family upbringing, education and personal experiences.

Very often our way of being doesn’t support our goals and desires, and we need help in understanding our feelings and adapting our thinking and behavior to better serve us and make our goals more attainable and as a result, bring more meaning and fulfillment into our lives.

As a therapist and counsellor practicing in the Aurora, Ontario area, I help my clients find a way of being that better equips them to cope with life’s formidable challenges as well as bringing increased enjoyment, satisfaction and purpose into their lives. Please look through these pages, and if you feel that you resonate with my approach to psychotherapy, please email or give me a call, or just book an appointment on this website.

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Todd Hayen
Todd HayenPhD, RP
My work with clients is as varied as the unique individuals that come to me for therapy. Although I am informed by a variety of conventional psychotherapy traditions, and practice them when appropriate, the fundamental core of my practice is seated in a transpersonal psychological perspective. This means I believe that every human being has access to the sacred through their own individual being and that life consists of not only the day to day pragmatism of living but includes as well a deep and profound relationship with soul—the soul of the individual, the collective, and the universe itself.


Cindy Hayen
Cindy HayenPhD, RP
The single most important decision to make in pursuing therapy is choosing a therapist who will be the right fit for you. My therapeutic approach is very individual and client-focused. I believe that the biggest factor influencing a successful outcome of therapy is the quality of the relationship that exists between therapist and client. I strive to create a warm, caring, non-judgmental, healing space in which clients feel understood and safe to explore those matters which are of concern to them.

Cindy is currently accepting new individual clients. Her rate is $165.00 per session hour (50 minutes.)

Sabrina Conrad
Sabrina ConradMBA
Upon graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in anthropology and literature, Sabrina lived for five years in Zurich, Switzerland, where she received an MBA in finance and worked in the corporate world. It was there that she discovered the work of Carl Jung and depth psychology. This led her to enroll in a masters degree in counselling at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California, which she is currently completing. Sabrina also speaks French and Italian, having spent two years living in Abruzzo, Italy as a teenager.

Sabrina comes to us as an intern completing her MA in Counselling Psychology. Her rate is $80 per session hour (50 minutes). Click the button below to schedule an appointment with Sabrina.

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