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This page is for the Aurora Metaphysical Group, a Meetup that meets regularly to hear lectures and discuss metaphysical topics. If you are not already a member of this group, join by clicking the Meetup icon below.

Aurora Metaphysical Group

Past Lives and Regression Therapy

August 28, 2017

Below you will find books for suggested reading, links to pages explaining various topics from the lecture, and links to videos that may be of interest.

Check out my own pages on Past Life Regression Therapy by clicking on the link or going to the Services menu choice. Also you will find information on PLT here.

Some of the Amazon book prices may be ridiculous, if so, check out other used book services such as Abe Books.



September 4, 2017

Ghosts have always been of great interest to paranormal researchers and the public alike. Although there have always been sensationalized “apparitional” events, it seems that in our modern times there has been an unusual proliferation of such exploitative material. The cable-waves have been inundated with ghost hunter television series which have to keep their audiences continuously on the edge of their seats with more and more spectacular ghost stories. Tonight’s lecture focuses on the “serious” side of this specialty in paranormal investigation. See below for books and websites dedicated to a more scholarly approach to this fascinating phenomenon. You can still find plenty of mysterious, scary, and evocative stories in these texts and online, so I promise you won’t be disappointed!


If any of you are intrigued by Madame Blavatsky and her work with Theosophy, check out this book. This is probably the best source for a thoroughly clear, and unbiased, positive opinion of her work…which is important because so much out there does not put her in a good light. Check out the Theosophical Society’s website as well.

Video Links

Paranormal Overview

September 11, 2017

The paranormal is a huge topic, and we touched on only a few of its many mysteries. Most notable was the presentation of two special cases of the paranormal: The Gold Leaf Lady, and Ted Serios: Thoughtography. See below for book suggestions and links to websites that should be of interest to anyone with a fascination of the paranormal!


Spiritual Practice in Your Life

September 18, 2017

A healthy dose of spiritual practice is something most of us believe would be beneficial in our lives. There are literally hundreds of ways to connect with the divine: from gardening to singing in the local church choir. This meeting focused on the various methods of spiritual practice and why you can benefit from establishing and routine of deep, conscious, focus on all that is sacred in your life.


The Law of Attraction, Part 1 & 2

September 25, 2017

What is the Law of Attraction? This lecture will delve into the history of “creative thought” and the concepts of creating your own reality. From the manifestation of material wealth, to securing optimum health, to creating a life of spiritual fulfillment and purpose, these “laws” insure that the reality you “think” of will be the reality that manifest before you. The discussion after the lecture was exciting and very interesting and thought provoking! So we decided to do the whole thing again next week!


Video Links

    Memory and Mind

    October 23, 2017

    Explore the true definitions of memory and mind! Challenging the conventional theories that all memory is actually physically stored in the tissues of the brain, Rupert Sheldrake, a leading alternative scientist, posits that memory is stored in a field outside the brain, and brain acts as a sort of receiver that tunes into our unique memories like a television unit tunes in specific channels. Looking for memory in the brain is like looking for the characters in your favourite sitcom within the circuit boards of a television set.


    Video Links

    • Sheldrake on Memory (the clip was watched in the meeting)

    • Attempts to Debunk Jaytee

      If you are interested in the previous video about Jaytee’s ability to know when his master is returning home, you will be very interested in this failed attempt to debunk Jaytee’s “sixth sense” by skeptic Richard Wiseman. This is a great demonstration of the committed skeptic’s insistence on making claims against actual scientific evidence. It shows how difficult it is in our current materialist culture to support paranormal, or non materialist, phenomena.

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