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You will find a selection of articles on these pages that I have found interesting and useful. You can use the search function in the menu bar above to see if any articles are on the site that match your search criteria. The articles here are in post date order, and you will have to click the link at the bottom of the article in order to read it in its entirety on another site. Enjoy!

How I Finally Awakened from My Past Lives (via

Sometimes an unnecessary burden can be very useful.

The first time I was guided into a past life regression was in Thailand, in 2005. The theme of the regression was to understand what black energy, or the color black, meant to me. After my teacher instructed me to visualize black in my mind’s eye, I was guided to move the black into my lungs and then to focus my breathing in and out through the blackness in my lungs. After a short time, I fell into a dream in which I had just run out of a burning house. As I stood by myself outside the burning house, a man came to me and said he would take care of me. I let him take me away, but instead of taking care of me, he took me away to be his slave. For years he abused me and finally I died, alone, believing I had been abandoned by my mother, who had never come looking for me.


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What Past Life Regression Really Is (via The Edge Magazine)

To many people in our western culture, past life regression can seem far-fetched. I understand this. Growing up as a pastor’s son, we didn’t talk much about reincarnation, much less about past life regression. The purpose of this article is the explain the process in a way that makes more sense. Not only for those whom the concept of reincarnation is new, but also for those who are considering doing a past life regression someday. This article is even for those who have already experienced it, because anyone who has ever gone deep into a past life regression knows that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to fully describe it in words—and there’s good reason for that.

Source: The Edge Magazine

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