Money and Life

Dealing with money and all that personal finance encompasses—such as budgeting, meeting financial obligations, saving, making money, spending money, wanting money, wishing for money, etc. etc.—probably constitutes some of the most difficult aspects of dealing with modern life. People probably spend more time thinking about money than anything else, and problems around money have been shown to be one of the major reasons for conflict in relationships.

I approach money issues with clients from multiple perspectives. First, I work with clients, both individuals and couples, from a clearly pragmatic point of view evaluating the client’s prevailing attitude and definitions about money, wealth, and affluence. From there we evaluate spending patterns and habits, budgets, saving, procuring, and spending. And unique to couples, we discuss differing philosophies about money. If the client is so inclined, I may at this point in the work bring in the more metaphysical perspectives of abundance, lack, and affluence.
Whether a person considers him or herself spiritually minded or not, evidence has shown that a more positive outlook on money and finances as opposed to one of worry and concern results in a happier relationship with money and therefore better decisions about money are typically made and money becomes less of a problem. It is clear that when a person is happy and content, he or she seems to organize their lives better and in a more efficient manner. Success or failure with money is typically a matter of attitude toward it.

We live in two realms, not in succession, but concurrently. In other words, we live in the world of tribulation, where we experience health and sickness, abundance and lack, joy and sadness. But at the same time we also live in the Universe, the realm of the constancy and stability of a basic substance that stands beneath every human experience.
~ Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

I am not a financial advisor, and do not have the training or credentials to advise a client concerning investments, savings, salaries, or spending. The technical attributes of budgeting and investing is best left up to a professional that specializes in these disciplines. However, my work with clients and their money as a psychologist focuses primarily on a client’s relationship with money, with wealth, or, if the case may warrant it, with a seeming state of poverty.

On occasion I teach a course on spiritual finances entitled “Principles of Financial Freedom.” This course advocates a relationship with money and with material wealth from a purely spiritual perspective. For those who feel that such an approach fits within their world-view and comfort zone it may be something to seriously consider. Inquire about this course if you are interested, and when enough people are ready to embark on this fascinating journey I will set up a set of group classes.

As a transpersonal psychotherapist I feel that extending our awareness beyond the realm of material physics and understanding of reality is advantageous for all of us in our pursuit of a fulfilling life, but I also understand how this may be a stretch for many. I will state again that I do not push any particular belief system on any client. We work together where you are, and expand forth where you feel inclined to move.

We are all engaged in a spiritual life, whether we are aware of it or not, or, whether we would define it as such or not. Most of us believe there is meaning in our existence, whether or not we can put our finger on what that meaning is, most of us still believe there must be purpose to our lives. That alone brings us to a transpersonal way of thinking, as the purely materialistic way of thought says there is no meaning to life—that life just “happens.” Certainly it may seem that way at times, but we are on a journey rich with stories, meaning, and purpose. If you are reading these pages, you are more than likely looking for something beyond the mechanism of the purely materialistic view of living.

The bringing in, and letting out (circulation) of money and material riches cannot be devoid of meaning within the larger scope of things in the universe surrounding our existence. There are better ways to look at all of this if it feels daunting, fearful, and uncooperative to you, and thus a better way to function within it. If you are interested in working through money issues please contact me by writing, or book an appointment online.
The glorious Truth is that you are a very special person, and you always have something special working within you, flowing through you. The whole Universe is on your side. Life is forever biased on the side of healing, on the side of overcoming, on the side of success. When you get yourself centered in the universal flow, you become synchronized with this divine bias for good. Amazing things can and will unfold. Some will call them miracles, but you will accept them as the perfectly natural function of the divine process.
~ Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics