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Relationship Issues

Is sex more work than play in your marriage? Do you schedule it in like a dentist appointment? Do you make love once a month, twice at the most? If you answered yes to these questions, you are among the forty million Americans trapped in a low-sex or no-sex marriage.

An exciting new way to spark and sustain desire, Rekindling Desire confronts the secrecy and stigma of low-sex and no-sex marriages, teaching couples how to enjoy a fulfilling, life-long sexual partnership.

She's had the Baby, you're a daddy -- now what? James Barron draws on his own experience, the experiences of countless others, and on insights from mothers on what they think new fathers should know to offer advice on balancing the demands of being a good father and a good husband, from the infant through the toddler years.

Sue Johnson is one of the founders of Emotion Focused Therapy which has a very high success rate in helping couples with communication problems and who are caught in destructive cycles of relating to one another. This book is very readable and written for the layperson.

Harville Hendrix is the founder of Imago Therapy. This book is excellent reading for couples who want to transform their relationship into a lasting source of love and companionship. The basic premise is that human beings choose partners in life based on needs and desires from our early childhood which then can interfere with the current love relationship. This book also details some excellent exercises for partners. I heartily recommend this book.